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    Terms and Conditions

    1. All bets that match, Canceled bets on both sides of the same game will not be considered for rollover conditions.

    2. FAFA2U reserves the right to change, modify, cancel this program or any part of the program without prior notice to members or guests who play as a group or use the plugin.

    3. All offers from FAFA2U are limited to one account per person, family address, email, telephone number, bank account and IP address. Likewise, FAFA2U reserves the right to withdraw the remaining funds.

    4. If any username is found to have the same IP as the other username, FAFA2U reserves the right to revoke all credits and return the credits placed first.

    5. FAFA2U does not allow sports betting (E-Game), corner betting, tennis and basketball (except NBA).

    6. If FAFA2U requests an identity card or other identification card from a customer and the customer is unable to provide it within one hour, FAFA2U reserves the right to withdraw all credits in that customer's account.

    7. Win prizes for (Lightning Casino / Arcade Games / Big Spin Games / Demo Games) Double the total number of wins up to x200 times the total bet amount. If the total winnings are more than x200 times, the remaining amount will be forfeited.
    8. For AFB CASINO SIDE BETS SUCH AS : Big tiger / Tiger Pair / Small Tiger / Tiger Tie. All Max payout for This side bets Are only X8 Maximum.